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East Tennessee Insurors
FAQ and Links

Many people have questions about insurance and their coverage. On this page we will answer some common questions and also provide links to other insurance-related sites.

Here are examples of some common homeowners insurance questions. We will update this page frequently, so be sure to check back!

Q: What is a homeowners policy?

A: A homeowners policy protects your home against fires, theft and floods.

Q: Are all policies alike?

A: No, there are a number of different policies and it is important to choose the one that is right for you.

Useful Links

Here's a link to review your coverage, make changes, print ID Cards, pay your bills, and quote policy changes for your PROGRESSIVE Insurance policies.  If it is your first time to login, look at your latest bill and it will give you your username and a temporary password:

PROGRESSIVE Insurance Company

Below are links to get individual health quotes:

CIGNA Individual Health Quotes

UnitedHealthOne Individual Health Quote

BlueCross BlueShield Individual Health Quote

If you have an insurance-related question, e-mail us and we'll answer it on this page:

East Tennessee Insurors,  314 High St, Maryville, TN 37804